Manuel Rivas, Thursday 15th October, 2015

NB There has been a change in the programme.
Manuel Rivas is, regrettably and unexpectedly, unable to join us.
We hope instead to feature poet and translator of Old Norse skaldic verse Ian Crockatt, and will publish more details as these become available.
(Manuel Rivas’s translator Lorna Shaughnessy will lead a translation seminar on Friday 16th as advertised.)

Manuel Rivas, Galician poet, and his translator, Irish poet Lorna Shaughnessy. Reading and dialogue.

(Much of the following lifted from Wikipedia, pro tem.)

Manuel Rivas is a Galician writer, poet and journalist. He began his career in the Spanish press with El Ideal Gallego, La Voz de Galicia, El País, and was the sub-editor of Diario 16 in Galicia.

Rivas is considered a revolutionary in contemporary Galician literature. He was a founding member of Greenpeace Spain, and played an important role during the Prestige oil spill near the Galician coast. Some of his work has been adapted to cinema, such as A lingua das bolboretas and O Lápis do Carpinteiro.

Rivas’s book Qué me quieres, amor? (1996), a series of sixteen short stories, was adapted by director José Luis Cuerda for his film A lingua das bolboretas (“Butterfly“). O lápis do carpinteiro (“The Carpenter’s Pencil“) has been published in nine countries and is the most widely translated work in the history of Galician literature.

Guardian review of All is Silence here
Manuel Rivas’ twitter feed is @Rivasbarrs

Lorna Shaughnessy‘s NUI Galway profile can be found here.